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7 Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home in Downey

Everyone wants to get top dollar when selling their home. However, often sellers are making some of the most common mistakes prior to putting their biggest investment on the market. Don’t fall into that category. Follow these simple 7 steps to making sure your house in CA is ready to hit the market.

  1. Half-empty closets. You’ve been house hunting before so you should know, buyers snoop. Make sure your closets are clean and tidy prior to anyone coming to view the house. How do you do that? Take half of the stuff out of your closets and neatly organize what’s left.
  2. Light it up. Make sure you’re maximizing all of the natural light available in the house. This can be one of the biggest things people look for when it comes to the layout and function of the home. You can do so by cleaning all of the windows, decluttering your drapery and ensuring all of your lightbulbs are not dime.
  3. Conceal the critters. You might thing your cuddly pooch will win over all of the buyers but in reality not everyone is an animal lover and you may be turning more people off than you think by leaving your pets at the home. That being said make sure your pets food and water bowl are put away and most importantly the kitty litter box if you have one. To some this can appear as if the house is unsanitary.
  4. Don’t over upgrade. This is a tricky one. Quick fixes prior to selling always pay off but keep in mind huge over halls don’t always do the same. Easy upgrades like a fresh new coat of paint, cleaning the curtains, replacing door handles, cabinet hardware and leaky faucets are all simple and will boost the sales price.
  5. Declutter and depersonalize. Everyone knows it’s important to declutter your house prior to sale however people don’t always realize that the more they have personal belongings in the home the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there.
  6. The first impression is key. Regardless of how beautiful your home is on the inside curb appeal is key when making an impression. You can’t take back a first impression. It is important to make people feel warm, safe and welcome when they approach your house.
  7. Always be available to show. This might be a silly one but being available almost 24/7 to have potential buyers tour your home could make the difference of selling your home in a few weeks compared to a few months. This also means having the house in tip-top shape constantly.

Don’t let this list overwhelm you. Let it empower you by knowing you’re doing all you can to get your house not only sold quickly but for the price it deserves. By having a solid real estate team on your side is essential as well. If you’re in need of any assistance I am here to help!